Spyderco civilian

In the 1990s Spyderco was approached by a specialized branch of U. Az 1990-es években a Spyderco-t megkereste az amerikai rendfenntartó erõk egyik speciális csoportja, hogy készítsen egy kést a titkos ügynökei számára.

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Nôž Spyderco C12GS Civilian patrí medzi kvalitné vreckové nože od amerického výrobcu Spyderco. Nôž Spyderco Centofante Memory C155TIP patrí medzi kvalitné vreckové nože od amerického výrobcu Spyderco. Spyderco Civilian C12GS vásárlás 9Ft!

Olcsó Civilian C GS Zsebkések árak, akciók.

The Spyderco Civilian Knife was developed in the 1990’s when a specialized branch of US law enforcement approached Spyderco about making knives for their . A two position clip supports tip-up or tip down carry on the right side. One of the most specialized CLIPITS in the Spyderco line-up, the Civilian is available in . In the same spirit, one of the most distinctive and recognizable folding knives ever produced is the Spyderco Civilian. In 198 Spyderco’s founder, Sal Glesser, . The Spyderco Civilian Knife Spyderedge is made for the right hand is the tip points down.

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