Slayer coffee machine

Hand-crafted espresso machines making coffee better everywhere. With patented technology modern design, Slayer does coffee like you’ve never seen it. Tárolt változatHasonlóOldal lefordításaThe Slayer product line features commercial and consumer espresso machines that prepare coffee with exclusive technology and design.

Slayer is the award-winning single group espresso machine making coffee better in cafes and kitchens around the world. Your best shot ever is here with the Slayer Single Group Espresso Machine, a compact commercial machine with all the right features. The Slayer One Group is a professional in-home espresso machine with flavor profiling.

Each unit entirely hand built in Seattle.

Espresso Works is a leading supplier of high quality Slayer Coffee Machines. For the finest Slayer Espresso Machines, contact us today! Slayer first launched its high-design, high-concept espresso machines in 200 and over the last six years, the machines have gone from . Hand-crafted espresso machines making coffee better around.

Slayer Espresso machines prepare coffee utilizing unprecedented technology and an unmatched style. All machines Slayer makes are assembled by hand and .