Naomi nutcracker

Here’s how it works: The Naomi Nutcracker is placed on top of the in shell nut. The base is held with one hand and the handle is pulled upwards with the other . Find the unique and elegant Naomi Nutcracker with a coil spring and bolt made by TakeDesign, now available in the home design shop.

The Naomi Spring Nutcracker consists of a stainless steel base and a stainless steel funnel-shaped spring with a silicone ball on the narrow . The Naomi Nutcracker is a brilliantly designed nutcracker that uses a spring to cleanly crack the nuts inside of it. This nutcracker may look gentle but it definitely packs a punch! It not only cracks nuts -the added bonus – its coil spring body keeps shell pieces fro.

From their website: This shapely Diva is a cracking success with all the nuts lying at her feet — in the truest sense of the word. Naomi is like one of those girls who is incredibly hot and arousing, but also kind of stony and completely unapproachable. The Naomi is a super clever spring-based nutcracker by TakeDesign in Germany that lets users crack nuts by simply pulling back the handle .

A designer created a new type of nutcracker that smashes nutshells into. German company TakeDesign created a spring-loaded nutcracker. Banish the misery of cramped-up nutcracking hands and messy piles of shells from your life with TakeDesign’s Naomi Nutcracker.

The Naomi nutcracker by TakeDesign connects elegance with ready witted accuracy. The nutcracker from Takeis placed on top . Pull the spring, made of stainless steel nutcracker to crack a walnut ○ Instructions. Find the best Red Dot Award winning design products home decore accessories like watches, lamps, kitchenware any more at the Red Dot Store.

Cracking your nuts is often painful, messy, or at least a bit of a chore. This stainless steel nutcracker turns cracking your nuts into a sport you might . Either you smash it too little or too hard and they shatter.