Heller forgo cooling tower

Invented by ENEXIO in Hungary in the early 1950s, Heller System has gained. Forgó-type water-to-air heat exchangers. In 19he was rewarded with the Kossuth Prize.

The principle was worked by Heller and the plant was . Collapsing Cooling Towers – Duration: 1:15. Ezért szokták esetenként Heller–Forgó rendszerként említeni. System Heller in the energetics of the USSR.

Heller System – Indirect Dry Power Cooling. To attain the same vacuum, the tower of systems with DC Jet can be smaller. For power cooling tasks the best is the so-called Forgó-type; . HELLER System is an indirect dry cooling plant.

The 5th generation FORGÓ Air Cooler, developed. Natural Draft Cooling Towers at the Shahid Rajai TPP (x 2MW e. Iran).